Elena Donati

Elena Donati is a jewelry artist and designer based in Milan.

Born in Rome, after obtaining an Economic Master’s Degree from La Sapienza University, she worked in the family Real Estate & Construction business.

She developed a strong sense of grounding that she has successfully blended with her passion in beauty and the arts. She moved to London in 2005, where she spent 15 years embracing the vibrant artistic scene, the multicultural gatherings, the constant flow of energy, the international trends and inspiration. Keen to merge and balance her two worlds, the one she knew from childhood and her artistic flair, she obtained a diploma as Interior Designer from KLC School of Design.

At the same time, her passion for shapes, different materials and colours developed the desire to create and design handcrafted objects bringing her to study as a goldsmith at K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery. She moved back to Milan in 2020, where she started producing her first collection, entirely handcrafted.

The places where she lived, the people from different backgrounds she met and mingle with, the places she visited, the things she loves, the passion for life, reflect on her work. Her aim is combining precious and non-precious materials together with stones. Her pieces are both light and elegant. The imperfections they have, made them unique like nature and life and every woman who will wear them. 

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